In spite of the knowledge that tobacco is carcinogenic and cause premature death, there are still millions who smokers who can not quit the habit. Quitting smoking is not an easy decision because the addict cannot get through the sufferings from anxiety and cravings. Some methods involve the use of products such as bumping nicotine into the body. However, some ways are natural and effective. They include the ones discussed below.

Making changes in your diet and increasing intake of foods that make cigarettes taste awful. Foods like vegetables, lime juice, vinegar, and milk are known to make cigarettes taste bad. Adding these foods to your diet will help in the effort to quit smoking. On the other hand, coffee, alcohol and red meat enhance the taste of cigarettes. Avoiding them can be of great help to the addict.

Eating sweets when stricken by a cigarette craving.  In many cases, when an addict feels a craving for cigarettes, it is a craving for carbohydrates. The sugar can satiate the desire. You should be careful not to consume too much sugar that can cause more harm.

Get moral support from a support group. Being with other smokers and sharing the experience gives the addict strength to hold on to the dream of being cigarette-free. Most of the support groups are in hospitals. A support group gives you friend who share the same challenges as the addict and are less judgmental. With that kind of support, you can quit smoking naturally and never look back.

Focus entirely on the mental dimensions of addiction. Try to understand the main reason for your habit. Many addicts think that they can not quit because they enjoy smoking, but that is usually not the case. The smoker is just convinced by the addiction that smoking is a pleasant thing and that it gives them some benefit. You should try to understand that the discomfort you feel when you try to quit the habit is just a powerful physical feeling but has no physical cause.  Read more on the best ways to stop smoking products.

Use image inspiration to keep you motivated. Pictures of effects of smoking on the skin and lungs on the wall of your bedroom or your wallpaper can stop you from lighting a cigarette. Make the images available at a place that you can view frequently, or in the morning when you wake up. These habits among others can help an addict in their journey to quit cigars.

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